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We are thrilled to announce that all of the eligible 2021 summer associates received and accepted offers for full-time employment following graduation!

We rely heavily on our summer program for our hiring needs. The primary goal of the program is to provide summer associates with a realistic, broad-based view of our practice and an opportunity to become acquainted with our attorneys through our informal mentoring program, training sessions and social events. While we encourage summer associates to spend time in each of the major departments of the Firm, the program is flexible and can be adapted to meet the specific interests of each participant. A key feature of the program is to provide summer associates with extensive feedback on their work, including formal and informal evaluations throughout the summer.

Summer associates for 2022 will receive salaries of $3,894 per week. First year associates receive a $202,500 base salary.

Please click here to view a letter to current law students from our Recruiting Partner, Kevin Neubauer.

Vault’s 2021 Best Law Firms Rankings, based on associate feedback, ranked Seward & Kissel among the best law firms to work for. Here’s what associates had to say:

“The job experience has been wonderful—I feel so at home. I get substantive work and everyone is friendly, brilliant, and fun.”

“Everyone is extremely down to earth and makes you feel comfortable asking questions. Partners will take the time to explain something to you rather than just give you an assignment and expect you to figure it out.”

“Partners’ doors are always open and we are encouraged to just come by and ask questions we may have. Partners often come to our offices to chat about current events or work related matters. Relations are great, professional and friendly.”

“The environment is generally very congenial and friendly. Partners are generally respectful of the associates.  Partnership is focused on associate retention and happiness.”

Here’s what some of our 2021 summer associates had to say:

“My virtual summer at Seward & Kissel far exceeded all of my expectations. From my first day, I was welcomed into the firm by associates and partners and was given the opportunity to do interesting, substantive work for them. Every person I worked with was friendly and willing to help, and took the time to explain the assignments and make me feel comfortable asking questions. As a summer, the rotational program allowed me to explore my interests across various practice areas and develop my legal skills, all while meeting people in every sector of the firm. S&K’s positive and supportive environment really stood out to me during interviews, and truly made it an amazing place to work this summer.” (Olivia, Fordham)

“My time as a Summer Associate at Seward & Kissel was incredibly rewarding and far surpassed my expectations. The work was substantive, and the attorneys and staff were all down to earth, approachable, and eager to make the Summer Associates feel at home at the Firm, even in this virtual environment. The Firm’s rotation program allowed me to meet most of the Attorneys, to be exposed to a lot of different work, and to gain an understanding of the various practices. Everyone at Seward & Kissel is very hardworking while still maintaining a collegial, friendly and supportive culture.” (Freddie, Fordham)

“My summer experience at S&K was phenomenal. The people at the firm really wanted to connect with the summers and were always available to talk about their practice area or life in general. Even the most senior partners made ample time to establish relationships with the summers. By the end of the program, I felt like I was part of their family. As a summer, I got substantive work from both partners and associates and was able to sit in on a number of client calls and meetings. On some matters, I was making meaningful contributions to the case or transaction. Additionally, the rotational program was an excellent way to get a sense of every practice area the firm offers. After spending time in each group, I could make an informed decision about what group I wanted to be in, which was very important to me. S&K is a great place to work and I recommend it to any law student!” (Charlie, BC)

“If you are new to corporate law, the rotation system gives you a glimpse of almost every aspect of corporate law, from financing to litigation. Every attorney I worked with was responsive, attentive, and highly knowledgeable. Not only was I getting meaningful work assignments, but I was also learning on the job. The firm really values pro bono work, which was extremely important to me when choosing where to work.” (Joaquin, Harvard)

“The Summer Program at Seward & Kissel is a fantastic opportunity to get experience in several different practice areas and learn from the brilliant attorneys in each one. I am so happy I was a part of it.” (Stephen, Albany)

“My time in the Summer Program was exactly what I needed it to be! Everyone made sure I got assignments from each practice area which not only made for a well-rounded experience but also really helped me discover my particular interests. Every group was extremely honest, inviting, and open to help me learn more about themselves and their specific work so I could make the most confident and informed decision at the end of the program. It was obvious that everyone actually cared and wanted to help me put myself in the best position to succeed both professionally within the firm but also in life generally.” (Logan, Georgetown)

“I am so happy with my summer experience at Seward & Kissel. From the first day and throughout the summer, partners and associates alike were eager to offer advice, answer questions, and get to know me personally. I especially enjoyed the rotation program for summer associates, which allowed me gain meaningful, hands-on experience across the firm’s many practice groups and get to know many of the attorneys at Seward. My experience with Seward affirmed all of the reasons I was initially interested in the firm – high quality work in a friendly, collegial environment. I cannot recommend Seward & Kissel highly enough!” (Jessica, BC)

“At Seward & Kissel, everyone (from first year-associates to seasoned partners) will take time out of their day to talk to you about the firm and their practice group. The firm wants you to thrive, and the large number of home-grown partners evidences that attorneys indeed thrive and stay at Seward & Kissel throughout their careers. Over the summer, multiple attorneys told me that they made some of their best friends at Seward & Kissel and that many of their colleagues attended their wedding. That friendly atmosphere is exactly why I chose Seward & Kissel. Overall, the summer consisted of good people, substantive assignments, and a whole bunch of baked goods sent directly to your doorstep as a thank you for joining the team.” (Grace, UC Berkeley)

“Everybody at Seward went above and beyond to make the summer experience fulfilling, rewarding, and challenging. Throughout the summer we were included in firm culture and given meaningful assignments that exposed us to a variety of practice areas. Even with the unique circumstances, I had an extremely positive experience in the program and I would recommend it to anybody.” (Halley, Albany)

“I learned so much during Seward & Kissel’s summer program. Attorneys here truly have an open-door policy and I always felt comfortable reaching out to ask questions or discuss their practice areas. Even though the program was remote, the summer was rife with opportunities to meet with attorneys, familiarize ourselves with the firm’s culture, and get to know different practice groups. The assignments spanned across a number of different practice areas and always felt substantive. A rewarding summer experience!” (Marian, BC)

“The Seward & Kissel 2021 Summer Associate Program allowed me to find practice areas that truly interest me, and I had the opportunity to meet an amazing group of professionals committed to their work. I got to know my supervisors and the other summer associates, and we bonded over shared assignments and social events. The summer flew by as I engaged with meaningful tasks—often directly for a client—and learned about putting legal knowledge toward solving real problems. Moreover, I developed and practiced new skills that I will take with me throughout the rest of my career.” (Richard, Penn)