ESG for Asset Managers: Current State of Affairs & Predictions Under the Current (Biden) Administration

March 2, 2021

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and a change in the U.S. Administration, and as asset managers continue to adopt ESG policies and metrics, ESG continues to be a focal point in the marketplace.
In this 27 minute discussion, Seward & Kissel partners and counsel Debra Franzese, John Ryan, and Lance King discuss ESG considerations for private and registered fund managers including:
  • General ESG landscape (1:20)
  • EU’s Sustainability Regime (SFDR) (5:10)
  • Department of Labor focus on ESG and ERISA assets (6:05)
  • Potential ESG changes for private fundsĀ under the Biden administration (11:10)
  • Potential ESG changes for registered funds under the Biden Administration (15:26)
  • Names Rule (18:06)
  • Recommendations for ERISA managers and managers with/seeking ERISA capital (20:20)
  • Recommendations for registered fund managers (22:00)
  • Recommendations for private fund managers (23:40)

Click here to listen to the discussion.