ESG Spotlight Series: A Conversation with Jason Mitchell, Man Group

April 6, 2021

In this 34-minute episode of Seward & Kissel’s ESG Spotlight Series, Partner Debra Franzese has a conversation with Jason Mitchell, Co-Head of Responsible Investment at Man Group and host of A Sustainable Future podcast. Debra and Jason discuss:
  • How Man Group institutes ESG across the firm (1:39)
  • How asset managers, both emerging and established, can integrate ESG at their firms (9:20)
  • “Greenwashing” (13:15)
  • SFDR and MiFID II (20:01)
  • Shareholder proposals (21:23)
  • Types of corporate engagement investment managers may utilize (26:15)
  • Main risks for issuers and investment management firms (31:00)

To listen to the full discussion, click here.

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