Chambers Associate Ranks Seward & Kissel LLP as the Top Law Firm in the U.S. for Associate Satisfaction

June 21, 2017

New York, NY—Chambers Associate, the leading student guide to America’s best law firms, has ranked Seward & Kissel LLP as the top law firm nationally for associate satisfaction. Seward & Kissel placed first on the 2017 “Most Satisfied Associates” guide, which was based on a survey of associates at more than 100 firms.

Associates lauded Seward & Kissel for providing “a lot of hands-on experience very early on,” and many were attracted to the firm for having a “boutique-firm feel that still does high-speed work.” The guide also notes that the firm has expertise in “all things maritime and shipping finance,” and the firm’s market share is “second to none” in the investment management sphere, servicing some 40% of the top 100 hedge funds based on assets under management. Associates appreciate being exposed to the “full gamut of hedge funds work from day one.”

Associates were also keen to describe their involvement in pro bono work with HerJustice, an organization that works with New York law firms to provide legal services to indigent women. Associates also appreciate that their pro bono work can be counted toward their billable hours totals.

“The cultural aspect is really important here,” said Seward & Kissel Managing Partner Jim Cofer. “We tend to operate an open door type of firm with ego-free people, and we like to assume that every summer hire is going to get an offer from us.”

In fact, for the past five years, every summer associate has accepted a full-time offer from Seward & Kissel.

The rankings are based on a recent Chambers Associate satisfaction survey, where associates were asked to rate their firms on a number of factors, including how happy they were, how stressed they were, how much their firm is worth to them on their resumes, how long they intend to stay, how strongly they’d recommend their firm, and whether the salary justified the dedication required.