Seward & Kissel is included in Chambers Associate 2014.

June 11, 2014

Below are a few quotes from our associates about working at the Firm.

“When you’re looking to join an environment where you’ll spend a lot of time, your gut reaction is important. And I felt comfortable here.”

Projects are leanly staffed and associates agreed that “the promise of substantive work and autonomy early on” certainly comes to fruition at S&K. “I got client contact right off the bat.”

“Unlike other firms I visited” at Seward & Kissel “everyone is open and welcoming. It’s more relaxed and comfortable.”

“Because the firm’s on the smaller side, I feel more than happy to walk into basically any office with a question.” “I’m very comfortable about popping myself down in front of a partner’s desk and asking about a million questions! I do that all the time.”

“It’s not as intense as a 500 or 700-person firm; it’s a comfort to know people. I’m close with the people I work with and it’s fun to have friends with you! Also, I feel close to the partners. You always get a ‘thank you’. They’re approachable for a chat.”

Featured in Chambers Associate 2014-2015