Our Employee Benefits attorneys handle all types of employee benefit matters for publicly-traded corporations, closely-held companies, partnerships, sole proprietorships, government agencies, tax-exempt organizations and other legal entities, including:

• Structuring, drafting, advising, amending and terminating qualified and non-qualified pension, profit-sharing, stock bonus and employee stock ownership plans (including leveraged ESOPs and defined benefit and 401(k) plans), individual retirement accounts, simplified employee pensions and tax-sheltered annuity programs

• Devising, drafting and amending incentive, executive and deferred compensation arrangements (including stock incentive plans and agreements and executive employment and compensation agreements)

• Advising investment advisory firms, broker-dealers and mutual funds on qualified pension plans, specifically on the prototype plans and accounts they make available for adoption by their clients and investors

• Structuring various investment products designed to comply with ERISA’s fiduciary rules, on behalf of the investing plans and the investment advisory firms offering those products, including hedge funds, private investment companies and group trusts

• Advising investment advisory firms, banks and other clientele with respect to ERISA considerations in financial instruments and arrangements, including credit facilities, prime broker arrangements and ISDAs

• Advising companies and executives on employee benefits, executive compensation and ERISA considerations involved in mergers and acquisitions or other sale or purchase of equity interests, including negotiating agreements, performing due diligence and integrating benefits

• Advising employers on health and welfare benefit matters, including compliance issues and COBRA