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We are thrilled to announce that all of the eligible 2023 summer associates received offers for full-time employment following graduation!

We rely heavily on our summer program for our hiring needs. The primary goal of the program is to provide summer associates with a realistic, broad-based view of our practice and an opportunity to become acquainted with our attorneys through our informal mentoring program, training sessions and social events. While we encourage summer associates to spend time in each of the major departments of the Firm, the program is flexible and can be adapted to meet the specific interests of each participant.  Our Washington, D.C. office affords its attorneys a more focused experience concentrating solely on our Investment Management, Corporate Finance and Capital Markets and Regulatory practices in the context of a collegial, small-office environment.  A key feature of the program is to provide summer associates with extensive feedback on their work, including formal and informal evaluations throughout the summer.




Vault’s 2022 Best Law Firms Rankings, based on associate feedback, ranked Seward & Kissel among the best law firms to work for. Here’s what associates had to say:

“Lawyers socialize together frequently outside of work, both at formal events organized by the firm and at informal events organized by the associates. This helps foster a friendly work environment during office hours.”

“Everyone is extremely down to earth and makes you feel comfortable asking questions. Partners will take the time to explain something to you rather than just give you an assignment and expect you to figure it out.”

“There is a tremendous amount of informal training, since partners make themselves available for questions, discussions and calls with the associates. Doors are always open and partners make it known that they are available to help. The firm also conducts periodic CLE’s on topics relevant to associates.”

Here’s what some of our 2022 summer associates had to say:

“My time as a Summer Associate at Seward & Kissel only reaffirmed what initially drew me to Seward during the interview process. The people have welcomed myself and the other Summers in with open arms. I have had the great pleasure to work with a variety of associates and partners. One of the things I loved most about this summer was the true open-door policy of each and every attorney. Every attorney was not only willing, but was more than happy to take the time to discuss any questions I had and to present me with background information on every assignment. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of different assignments and practice areas throughout this rotational program. I realized the different demands that come with each new assignment and truly feel that I got a glimpse inside each practice group. Each assignment has been distinct, but all have no doubt been intellectually stimulating. S&K is truly the best mix of challenging, yet exciting work and I believe that there are no better people to learn from and no better place to start a legal career than at Seward & Kissel.” (Bailey, Cardozo)

“My time as a 2022 summer associate at Seward & Kissel has been exceptional. The firm is extremely close-knit and has made me feel like a part of their family. I received engaging work and each attorney went above and beyond to teach and answer questions. Outside the scope of work, the attorneys and staff truly cared about me as a person and were always willing to give candid and thoughtful advice on how to manage life outside of the law firm. I cannot imagine a better place to work than Seward & Kissel and I would recommend it to any ambitious law student!” (Drew, Boston College)

“Seward & Kissel’s Summer Program was a great experience. I appreciated the group rotations that exposed me to the firm’s different practice groups, the attorneys in those practice groups, and the substantive work each group provides to its clients. As a summer associate, we were provided opportunities throughout the program to develop relationships with associates and partners across the firm at numerous firm events and informally at group lunches. Everyone’s doors are always open and the attorneys are happy to take the time to answer any questions about the firm, their practice, or career advice in general. I highly recommend Seward & Kissel’s Summer Program.” (Paul, Seton Hall)

“S&K’s summer program exceeded all of my expectations for a well-rounded, informative, and fun experience. The rotational format allows ample opportunity to engage with many attorneys and types of legal assignments, all of which provided meaningful exposure to what associate life at the firm is like. I am particularly grateful for the small summer cohort size and supervisory support structures. I am thrilled with my decision to join Seward and encourage all law students to do the same.” (Shayna, Northwestern)

“The summer associate program at Seward & Kissel is second to none. From the very beginning, all associates and partners have been helpful, supportive, and encouraging. The firm’s rotational system allows summer associates to get a glimpse into every practice area, often working on matters where your work product provides real value to the client and the firm. Additionally, Seward & Kissel is quite social with partners and associates checking into your office throughout the day, and frequent social events after work. Seward & Kissel is a phenomenal place to spend your summer!” (Liam, Washington University)

“The summer at S&K exceeded my expectations in every way. I expected colleagues, and I found both colleagues and friends. I immediately felt that at S&K everyone from the managing partner to the first-year associates was genuinely interested in spending time with me and getting to know me both as a person, and a professional. At S&K the smiles are real, and the work is real. I couldn’t be more grateful to be spending my 2L summer here.” (Ezra, UCLA)

“Seward & Kissel has been a great experience. Everyone at the firm has been extremely helpful by taking time from their work to explain assignments and concepts, as well as getting to know us. There are always opportunities to ask questions and learn from associates and partners. The rotational system has given me an opportunity to experience different kinds of legal work that helped me understand what I liked and didn’t like. I sought out a firm that had a friendly working atmosphere and valued work-life balance, and Seward has really provided that environment. The summer has been a rewarding, enjoyable experience!” (Tom, Albany)

“Working at S&K has been a great experience. The firm has provided me with a real look at what it may be like to be a full-time associate, while also providing a ton of fun activities to get to know the people. The best part of the summer has definitely been meeting all the individuals at the firm– everyone is kind, cordial, and bright. It is clear that they not only care about your potential as a lawyer, but as a person as well.” (Emanuel, Cardozo)

“My summer at Seward & Kissel was an incredibly rewarding an educational experience. The welcoming environment made it very easy to get to know the associates and partners. Everyone was very generous with their time, whether it was just to get to know each other or explaining the background of a deal I would be working on. From the start of the summer and throughout, I received substantive work that gave me an insight into what associates do on a daily basis. The rotational program was invaluable to me; the opportunity to spend a few weeks in each practice group allowed me to widen my interests and helped me learn what I like. Overall, I had a very positive experience in which I improved my substantive skills, learned a lot about areas of the law that were new to me, and developed relationships with many extremely talented attorneys.” (Matt, Fordham)

“I feel so lucky to have landed at Seward & Kissel this summer. I have been able to explore a variety of interests in the rotational program under the leadership of incredibly thoughtful and respected attorneys. Partners and associates have been eager to go the extra mile in giving context for assignments to really allow us to see what life looks like as a first- and second-year associate in each practice group. I have yet to be assigned anything that felt like busy work. I have felt so supported both professionally and personally this summer – the firm really puts its money where its mouth is in terms of creating a comfortable and collegial environment. I could not have imagined a better summer!” (Kelly, Boston College)

“My summer at Seward & Kissel has been everything I expected and more. From the very first day, I felt welcomed by associates and partners and truly felt the spirit of comradery and teamwork that distinguishes Seward & Kissel from other firms. Everyone I have worked with has been open to questions about assignments, the different practice groups, and the firm generally. The program is rotational which allows Summer Associates to get exposure to different practice group and types of projects. The assignments have been substantive and thought-provoking, with many of them being catered to the specific interests of each of the Summer Associates. I have felt supported and like every person I have interacted with is rooting for my success within the firm. All of the events have been fun, engaging and a great opportunity to meet other people.” (Mercy, Brooklyn)

“My summer experience at Seward & Kissel has been incredible. I have gotten to work on so many meaningful assignments, and I’ve never been afraid to approach anyone with questions. The DC office is very close-knit and friendly and is the perfect place for someone interested in securities law to begin their career.” (Kate, GW)