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We are thrilled to announce that all of the 2020 summer associates received and accepted offers for full-time employment following graduation!

We rely heavily on our summer program for our hiring needs. The primary goal of the program is to provide summer associates with a realistic, broad-based view of our practice and an opportunity to become acquainted with our attorneys through our informal mentoring program, training sessions and social events. While we encourage summer associates to spend time in each of the major departments of the Firm, the program is flexible and can be adapted to meet the specific interests of each participant. A key feature of the program is to provide summer associates with extensive feedback on their work, including formal and informal evaluations throughout the summer.

Summer associates for 2020 will receive salaries of $3,461 per week. First year associates receive a $180,000 base salary.

Please click here to view a letter to current law students from our Recruiting Partner, Christopher Riccardi.

Vault’s 2018 Best Law Firms Rankings, based on associate feedback, ranked Seward & Kissel #19 for “Summer Associate Program that Best Prepares for Practice” and #23 for “Best Overall Summer Program.” Here’s what associates had to say:

“Everyone is extremely down to earth and makes you feel comfortable asking questions. Partners will take the time to explain something to you rather than just give you an assignment and expect you to figure it out.”

“The partners in our group care about associate career development.”

“There is a tremendous amount of informal training, since partners make themselves available for questions, discussions and calls with associates. Doors are always open and partners make it known that they are available to help. The firm also conducts periodic CLE’s on topics relevant to associates.”

“I think partnership is realistic for a number of associates in our group, and to the extent it’s not, partners have historically helped outgoing associates with job placement.”

Here’s what some of our 2017 summer associates had to say:

“I can’t recommend the summer program at Seward & Kissel enough! Not only are you given a variety of interesting and challenging assignments to work on, but you’re encouraged to ask questions and seek advice. The firm’s open door policy makes a difference, especially because people are always happy to speak to you when you stop by. You really get the sense that you’re part of the team, and that everyone is invested in your personal development. All in all, I can’t imagine a better place to begin your career.” (Xavier, Harvard)

“Spending the summer at Seward & Kissel allowed me to experience firsthand the kind of work that goes on at a full-service New York City law firm. In the summer program, it was a privilege to work closely with the lawyers at Seward & Kissel and experience some of what they do on a daily basis.” (Steven, Cornell)

“My summer associate experience at Seward & Kissel has exceeded expectations from day one. I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of substantive work that I never imagined I’d get to do as a summer associate. I’ve gotten to draft and edit real agreements and client memoranda, and get involved in complex and interesting transactions. I knew that I wanted to work in corporate law, but the summer rotation really allowed me to explore options and fine-tune my interests to find the perfect fit. The attorneys that I’ve worked with have all been exceptional. They’re intelligent, patient, and always available to answer questions or give advice. It’s great to be learning from people who love what they do and where they work. I can’t imagine any better firm to be a part of!” (Sarah, Albany)

“Seward & Kissel’s summer program is a terrific experience. The partners are dedicated to offering substantive work and are great at keeping themselves available to offer feedback. You can tell right away that Seward is deeply committed to the individual development of every one of its attorneys. The social events are also a good exposure to Seward’s strong communal firm culture. You really get to see that people like working with each other here. I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of S&K!” (Wesley, Michigan)

“I have really enjoyed my summer here at Seward & Kissel. The partners and associates are encouraging and helpful, and the work we are given throughout the summer is both substantive and interesting. The program’s tight-knit structure and weekly events have really enabled us as a summer class to get to know each other better, and over the weeks we have become not only friendly colleagues but actually friends.” (Maryanne, NYU)

“If you are seeking highly sophisticated work with down-to-earth colleagues, look no further. Seward & Kissel is unique among the New York market in that its size fosters a close-knit atmosphere where partners, associates, and summers interact not just as co-workers but as genuine friends. Unlike many New York firms, the summer program at Seward & Kissel provides the opportunity to explore a diverse range of practice areas, which I found particularly valuable when making long term career decisions. After spending my summer with the firm, I can confidently say that I made the right choice.” (Ed, UNC)

“As the sole summer associate in the DC office, I collaborated closely with the attorneys here and really felt like part of the team. I got to know everyone well, and someone was always willing to bring me in on a matter I was interested in or answer any questions I had.” (Kyle, Georgetown)

“The people at Seward & Kissel (lawyers and staff alike) are genuinely kind and welcoming – everyone I have worked with has taken the time to explain, teach and listen. I’ve helped with substantive and dynamic matters and I’ve received valuable feedback from associates and partners in each practice group. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to connect with these interesting and intelligent people, both in the office and at the (fun!) planned events. I’ve truly had a wonderful experience this summer. “ (Jessica, Cardozo)

“The Seward & Kissel summer program delivered on all fronts. From the first day, you are welcomed into an environment that will challenge and develop you as both a future attorney and individual. When given an assignment, each and every partner, counsel and associate took the time to explain a transaction’s background, giving you a better understanding of a deal’s structure and your impact. Between the substantive exposure, social events and collegial atmosphere, I could not have asked for a better firm to spend my summer with.” (Courtney, Fordham)

“I have had such a wonderful experience this summer at Seward & Kissel. The firm is everything it holds itself out to be and more; it is a genuinely great place to work. We engaged in substantive and meaningful projects from the outset, and I’ve learned so much under the guidance of everyone here. Every day I am motivated and humbled by the attorneys and my peers. Many of the attorneys here have spent their entire careers at S&K and it’s not hard to understand why. The firm does a great job recruiting brilliant and kind people who, in turn, cultivate a culture that is both hard-working and fun.“ (Elyse, UVA)

“A summer at Seward & Kissel will put you on the right track to becoming a successful lawyer. The summer rotation program allows summer associates to gain exposure to a number of practice areas and make an informed decision about which areas of the law excite them the most. In addition, the attorneys at Seward & Kissel put forth a substantial effort to help summer associates learn about procedural and substantive areas of law, the common transactions the Firm handles, and the Firm’s wide range of clients. Seward & Kissel is a dynamic and rewarding place for summer associates.” (Theo, BC)