Seward & Kissel LLP & Hedge Funds Care Commemorate the 60th Anniversary of The Establishment of World’s First Hedge Fund, A.W. Jones & Co.

February 18, 2009

Seward & Kissel LLP, a leading New York law firm in the hedge fund industry, and Hedge Funds Care, a charity committed to the prevention and treatment of child abuse, teamed up to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the first hedge fund, A.W. Jones & Co., and the 10th anniversary of Hedge Funds Care. As part of the activities, representatives of all three entities joined together to ring the opening bell to the New York Stock Exchange today.

Rob Davis, John Budzyna, Kathryn Conroy and Trevel Balser represented Hedge Funds Care. John Tavss, Managing Partner of Seward & Kissel LLP and a director of Hedge Funds Care, George Seward, John Cleary, Steven Nadel and Robert Van Grover represented Seward & Kissel. They were joined by Robert L. Burch III, Dale Jones Burch and Robert L. Burch IV, respectively, the son-in-law, daughter and grandson of Alfred W. Jones, the founder of A.W. Jones & Co. to commemorate this milestone in hedge fund history. Robert L. Burch III and Duncan Niederauer, Chief Executive Officer and Director of NYSE Euronext rang the bell.

A.W. Jones & Co., the pioneer of the hedge fund concept and the world’s first hedge fund, involved a private investment partnership implementing an investment program of long/short equity investing, the use of modest leverage, combined with compensation of the manager through the use of a performance fee. A.W. Jones & Co. is now operated by Robert L. Burch III and Robert L. Burch IV. Seward & Kissel was involved in establishing the Fund and continues to act as the Fund’s counsel.

Seward & Kissel is a leading law firm which primarily focuses on corporate and litigation work for clients seeking legal expertise in the financial services, corporate finance and capital markets areas. The Firm is particularly well known for its representation of major commercial banks, investment banking firms, investment advisers and related investment funds (including mutual funds and hedge funds), broker-dealers, institutional investors and transportation companies (particularly in the shipping area). Seward & Kissel is also actively involved with Hedge Funds Cares, a charity established in 1998 as an alliance of hedge fund industry professionals committed to the prevention and treatment of child abuse. Hedge Funds Care accomplishes its mission by distributing grants to over 100 organizations worldwide that are working to alleviate child abuse. Since inception, Hedge Funds Care has distributed over $18 million in 500 grants.

Representatives of Seward & Kissel and Hedge Fund Care ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange


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