Craig T. Hickernell is senior counsel in Seward & Kissel’s Corporate Finance Group. Craig has practiced at the Firm since 1977, and became a partner in 1986.

Craig frequently represents underwriters, placement agents and issuers of commercial paper, medium-term notes, certificate of deposit notes, and bonds and notes issued by corporations, banks and governments. These transactions often involve securitizations to remove assets from the balance sheets of the originators. In addition, Craig advises clients in connection with swaps, repurchase transactions, securities lending, brokerage agreements, options, forwards, and other types of derivative products.

Craig has frequently represented bank clients in connection with their lending operations, representing banks both in single bank loans and as agents in connection with syndicated credits. Craig’s particular expertise is in the restructuring of troubled credits. He has acted as lead counsel to bank advisory committees representing hundreds of creditor banks in the restructuring of the sovereign debts of Bolivia, Costa Rica and Panama, through the issuance of “Brady Bonds” and otherwise, in addition to a large number of private sector debt restructurings. He also represents borrowers, including investment managers and funds, in connection with credit facilities.