Seward & Kissel LLP offers a wide range of services to help our clients manage their intellectual property. We assist our clients in obtaining, maintaining, defending and exploiting trademarks, copyrights, and related rights throughout the world. We also counsel our clients in connection with their technology transactions. Our attorneys have advised clients in a wide variety of industries, including fashion and apparel, computers, pharmaceuticals, food, hotels, furniture, investment management and advisory services, banking, securities brokerage, shipping, real estate, marketing, charitable services, entertainment, and petroleum product and crude oil transportation.

Obtaining and Maintaining Intellectual Property Rights: We help our clients select trademarks and service marks that are valid, protectable and enforceable, and assist them in registering and maintaining their marks in the United States and throughout the world. We also help our clients identify and protect their copyrightable works and their trade secrets.

Defending Intellectual Property Rights: Our attorneys assist clients in defending their intellectual property rights in the courts and in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. We bring infringement actions on behalf of our clients and assist our clients in defending against infringement actions. We are experienced in the enforcement and defense of trade secrets and non-competition agreements. Through our network of foreign associates, we are able to assist our clients in protecting their intellectual property in almost any country around the world.

Exploiting Intellectual Property Rights: We help our clients maximize the value of their intellectual property assets through securitization, transfers, licensing and other transactions. We conduct due diligence reviews of intellectual property assets in corporate transactions and perform client audits to help our clients identify and fully realize the value of those assets.

Technology Transactions: We counsel our clients in connection with their technology and related transactions, including software licenses, internet agreements, business continuity plans and disaster recovery programs, securities trading platforms, and CRM, accounting and finance application agreements. We also counsel our clients with respect to the intellectual property and technology aspects of blockchain platforms and cryptocurrency.

As a world-class, full-service firm, we are able to take an integrated approach to counseling our clients, approaching intellectual property issues in the context of regulatory, tax, bankruptcy, corporate governance and business concerns.