ESG Spotlight (Ep. 8): SEC’s Proposed Climate Change Disclosure Regulations

May 16, 2022

ESG Spotlight
ESG Spotlight
ESG Spotlight (Ep. 8): SEC's Proposed Climate Change Disclosure Regulations

In this 24-minute ESG Spotlight episode, Debra Franzese speaks with Ted Horton, partner and co-head of Seward & Kissel’s Capital Markets Group. Debbie and Ted discuss the SEC’s newly proposed climate change disclosure regulations, including:

  • 1:55 – 7:18: What is in the proposed regulation
  • 7:19 – 10:50: What are the potential effects of the required disclosures
  • 10:50 – 16:10: How these proposed disclosures may affect hedge fund and private equity fund managers and their portfolio companies
  • 16:11 – 17:45: How the proposed changes may affect attestation/audit firms
  • 17:46 – 18:30: How the proposals affect U.S. issuers vs. foreign issuers
  • 18:31 – 23:59: Next steps and final takeaways

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